Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vanishing Dirty Book Stores

The scene down 42nd Street from Bob's Bargain Books, 105 W42nd,
in 1967: to the right of the theater and Tad's is the Bee See Book Shop,
at 117 W42nd, target of police raids in the late 1960s.
One of the sleaziest of the Adult Book Stores of the hard core period, 210 W. 42nd Street. Once owned by Mishkin, later probably run by organized crime figures. Photo courtesy of Joe Vasta, Vasta Images, New York City.

Peep booths with gay loops were connected to neighboring booths by “glory holes,” through which men could insert their penises. There were “rap booths” where one could talk to a young woman.

Of course, adult bookstores (with books) have vanished, replaced by adult video and then DVD shops, which will in turn vanish eventually, as they have been year after year, from the streets of Times Square.
Sal Mineo cruising the bookstores


Westernstock said...

History and culture move on. Hopefully they will be replaced by simple sex clubs - places where guys go just to have sex.

O!Daddie said...

never had the nerve to go in... bought a copy of "Screw" from a corner stand once and ran all the way home..big pussy that I was/am.

TornJeans said...

Damn! The good ol daze! History lost!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Book stores like this are vanishing no matter what. DVD'S, CD'S, Peep Shows, glory holes.... In Dallas you really can not find them hardly anywhere any more. I miss thhose days where I could just stick my cock in a hole and get blown and go if I wanted to. or do some sucking of my own.. I loved them and wished they where still around.

Those were the good ol days.


Red-Hot-Chilli said...

I used to LOVE to go to these kinds of places! I had a hard-on long before I even entered!


There are still a few around Sydney, most with "back rooms" for sex.

Ur-spo said...

fascinating !